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When savvy home and business owners in the area are looking for the very best in fencing solutions, they turn to us, Energy Fencing, for all of their needs. We have products and services for all of your fence applications, and we are the leading supplier of chain link fencing in Brooklyn, NY. We are extremely experienced in all that we do and in our installations for chain link fencing. We use top of the line materials, and you can be assured that you are getting quality and durability.

Chain link fencing is actually a very old type of system, and it dates to the 1840s in England where it grew out of techniques for making textiles. Yet after no substantial rework in the basic concept of chain link fencing, it is still just as valuable, durable and flexible as it was more than 100 years ago. Here are some of the advantages of chain link fencing:

  • Durability - Chain link fences, which also go by the name "hurricane fences", can withstand winds of gale force strength. Despite their light weight, they are virtually indestructible when it comes to wind. They are also made of galvanized steel, which means that they will not rust, enabling them to last for years and even decades.
  • Safety - Chain link fences are great as a safety mechanism on school grounds and playgrounds where there are a lot of children. They are completely transparent so that authorities can ensure the kids are safe, and yet they keep objects either in or out of the area.
  • Construction site and industrial uses - Because the metal posts can be easily moved from the ground and the fence material itself can be rolled up, chain link fencing is very portable and can serve as a great temporary fencing solution.
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